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Word of the Year 2006

It’s official bovvered has been chosen by Susie Dent, author of The Language Report, and OUP UK as the “Word of The Year” (WOTY). It basically means, “Am I bothered? Do I care?”

If you don’t have a clue how to use bovvered in a sentence, never fear because we are here to help you sound hip (even if the word podcastmeans nothing to you.) Repeat after us, “Am I bovvered?” or “Does my face look bovvered?”

With all the talking and writing and blogging that gets done in one year it is never easy to highlight one word. Here are some of the runners-up for WOTY:

  • Blook: A blend of ‘book’ and a ‘blog’: a book serialized on a weblog.
  • He-Tox: A period after a break-up during which a woman makes no contact with her ex-partner (or men in general) in a bid to get him out of her system.
  • Offlish: Office English, a language full of buzzwords and jargon.
  • Wag: An acronym for ‘Wives and Girlfriends’, and a label much heard during the 2006 World Cup.
  • Yeppie: An acronym for a ‘young experimenting perfection-seeker’ and a new social category identified by a British think-tank for young people who are unable to commit, whether to a relationship, career, or lifestyle.

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