Synonyms of world in English:


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1‘he travelled the world with the army’


earth, globe, planet, sphere

2‘he was convinced of the possibility of life on other worlds’


planet, satellite, moon, star, heavenly body, orb

3‘the academic world’


sphere, society, circle, arena, milieu, province, domain, territory, orbit, preserve, realm, field, discipline, area, department, sector, section, group, division

4the world‘she would show the world that she was no weak-kneed lady of leisure’


everyone, everybody, each and every one, people, mankind, humankind, humanity, people everywhere, the whole world, the world at large, the public, the general public, the population, the populace, all and sundry, every mother's son, every Tom, Dick, and Harry, every man jack

5‘there's a world of difference between the two men’


huge amount, vast amount, enormous amount, good deal, great deal, abundance, wealth, profusion, mountain, immensity

many, much, plenty, reams

informal heap, pile, lot, load, stack, ton, masses

British informal shedload, lashings

NZ Australian informal swag


very little

6‘she renounced the world and became a nun’


society, high society

secular interests, temporal concerns, earthly concerns

human existence


    in a world of one's own

      ‘he is in a world of his own and is frequently carried away by his own flights of fancy’


      absent-minded, preoccupied, absorbed, engrossed, far away, somewhere else, not there, not with us, abstracted, with one's head in the clouds, daydreaming, dreamy, inattentive, distracted, thoughtful, pensive, lost in thought, deep in thought, immersed in thought, wool-gathering, in a brown study, musing, brooding, absent, distrait, heedless, oblivious


      miles away

    on top of the world
    out of this world

      ‘her breakfasts are out of this world’