Synonyms of wise in English:


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1‘a wise old man’


sage, sagacious, intelligent, clever, learned, showing great knowledge, with great knowledge, knowledgeable, informed, enlightened

astute, shrewd, acute, sharp, sharp-witted, canny, knowing, sensible, prudent, discerning, judicious, penetrating, perceptive, full of insight, insightful, clear-sighted, percipient, perspicacious, perspicuous, owlish

well advised, well thought out, well judged, politic, expedient, strategic, tactical, far-sighted

rational, logical, sound, sane

informal smart

British informal fly

dated long-headed

rare sapient, argute


stupid, silly, foolish


    put someone wise

      ‘I suppose Lucy put you wise’


      tell, inform, notify, apprise, make aware, put in the picture, fill in, break the news to

      warn, forewarn, alert

      clue in, clue up, tip off, tip someone the wink

    wise to

      ‘Alpine climbers have been wise to these techniques for years’


      aware of, familiar with, acquainted with, cognizant of