Synonyms of whirl in English:


See definition of whirl


1‘leaves whirled in eddies of wind’


rotate, turn, turn round, go round, revolve, circle, wheel, orbit, pivot, swivel, gyrate, spin, roll, twirl, pirouette

Scottish birl

2‘Sybil stood waving as they whirled past’


hurry, speed, race, run, sprint, dash, bolt, dart, rush, hasten, hurtle, career, streak, shoot, whizz, zoom, go like lightning, go hell for leather, spank along, bowl along, rattle along, whoosh, buzz, swoop, flash, blast, charge, stampede, gallop, sweep, hare, fly, wing, scurry, scud, scutter, scramble

informal belt, pelt, tear, hotfoot it, leg it, zap, zip, whip, scoot, go like a bat out of hell

British informal bomb, bucket, shift, go like the clappers

Scottish informal wheech

North American informal clip, boogie, hightail, barrel

North American vulgar slang drag ass, haul ass, tear ass

literary fleet

archaic post, hie

3‘his mind was whirling’


spin, reel, go round, be in a whirl, swim, be giddy, feel giddy, be dizzy, feel dizzy


1‘he was gone in a whirl of dust’


swirl, flurry, eddy

2‘all part of the mad social whirl’


hurly-burly, hectic activity, bustle, rush, flurry, to-do, fuss, panic, turmoil

archaic hurry-scurry

3‘her life was a whirl of parties’


succession, series, sequence, progression, string, chain, cycle, round, merry-go-round

4‘Laura's mind was in a whirl’


spin, daze, stupor, muddle, jumble


informal dither

5‘the only way to find out was to give it a whirl’


try, try-out, test

informal go, shot, bash, stab