Synonyms of whip in English:


See definition of whip


1‘he would use a whip on anyone trespassing on his property’


lash, scourge, thong, strap, belt

crop, switch, birch, cane

historical cat-o'-nine-tails, cat, knout


1‘Lewis whipped the boy twenty times’


flog, scourge, flagellate, lash, birch, switch, tan, strap, belt, cane, thrash, beat, leather, tan someone's hide, whip someone's hide, give someone a hiding, beat the living daylights out of

2‘whip the cream until it forms soft peaks’


whisk, beat, mix, stir

3‘the radio host whipped his listeners into a frenzy’


rouse, stir up, excite, galvanize, electrify, stimulate, inspire, move, fire up, fire the enthusiasm of, fire the imagination of, get someone going, inflame, agitate, goad, provoke

incite, egg on, spur on

North American light a fire under

rare inspirit

4‘Cleveland whipped Los Angeles 28–16 in the third game of last season’

5‘he whipped round the corner’

See dash

6‘he whipped out a revolver’


pull, whisk, snatch, pluck, tug, jerk, remove, take

informal produce

informal yank

7‘they whipped the cones from a building site’

See steal


    the whip hand

      ‘life became a battle over who would gain the whip hand’


      the upper hand, a commanding position, an edge, the edge, an advantage, a lead, a head start, ascendancy, superiority, supremacy, sway, control, predominance, power, mastery, dominance, command


      prepotence, prepotency, paramountcy, prepollency

    whip something up

      ‘we tried hard to whip up interest in the products’


      stimulate, rouse, arouse, stir up, work up, wake, waken, awaken, quicken, inspire, call forth, bring into being, call into being, draw forth, bring out, excite, evoke, whet, stir, provoke, spur, fire, inflame, trigger, prompt, induce, encourage, actuate, activate, touch off, spark off, set off, set going, incite, promote, engender, generate