Synonyms of whack in English:


See definition of whack


1‘his attacker whacked him on the head’


hit, beat, strike, punch, knock, rap, smack, slap, thump, thwack, crack, cudgel, thrash, bang, drub, welt, cuff, buffet, pummel, box someone's ears

bash, clobber, clout, clip, wallop, belt, tan, biff, bop, lay into, pitch into, lace into, let someone have it, knock into the middle of next week, sock, lam, whomp

British stick one on, slosh

North American boff, bust, slug, light into, whale

NZ Australian dong, quilt

literary smite, swinge


1‘one of his mates got a whack with a stick’


blow, hit, punch, thump, thwack, crack, smack, slap, bang, welt, cuff, box

bash, clobber, clout, clip, wallop, belt, biff, bop, sock, lam, whomp

British slosh

North American boff, bust, slug, whale

NZ Australian dong

dated buffet

2‘everyone will get their whack’


share, quota, portion, slice, part, allocation, ration, allowance, allotment, amount, quantity, bit, piece, percentage, proportion, section, segment, division, fraction, measure, due

cut, piece of the cake, slice of the cake, piece of the action, rake-off


rare apportionment, quantum, moiety