Synonyms of wasted in English:


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1‘it was a wasted effort’


squandered, misspent, misdirected, misused, dissipated, frittered away

pointless, useless, unnecessary, needless, not needed

informal blown, splurged

2‘a wasted opportunity’


missed, lost, past, forfeited, neglected, squandered, bungled, gone, gone by the board

informal down the drain

3‘I'm wasted in this job’


underemployed, underused, too good for

abandoned, neglected, forgotten, disregarded, languishing

4‘his skinny wasted legs’


emaciated, atrophied, withered, shrivelled, weak, weakened, frail, shrunken, skeletal, rickety, scrawny, cadaverous, wilted, faded, flagging, deteriorating, degenerative

gaunt, haggard, wizened, undernourished, starved, half-starved

5‘everybody at the party was pretty wasted’


drunk, drunken, inebriated, intoxicated, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin

blind drunk, dead drunk, rolling drunk, roaring drunk, drunk as a lord, as drunk as a lord, drunk as a skunk, as drunk as a skunk

sottish, tippling, toping, gin-soaked

tight, merry, the worse for wear, woozy, pie-eyed, three sheets to the wind, two sheets to the wind, under the table, plastered, smashed, wrecked, sloshed, well oiled, sozzled, soused, blotto, blitzed, canned, stewed, pickled, tanked, tanked up, soaked, bombed, hammered, blasted, off one's face, out of one's head, out off one's head, out of one's skull, wired, in one's cups, reeling, cock-eyed, zonked, guttered, fuddled, stinko, ratted

British legless, steaming, bevvied, paralytic, Brahms and Liszt, half cut, out of it, having had a skinful, bladdered, trolleyed, well away, squiffy, tiddly, out of one's box, having had one over the eight, cut, steamed, mullered, slaughtered, lashed

British vulgar slang pissed, as pissed as a fart, as pissed as a newt, rat-arsed, arseholed

Scottish fou

Australian Scottish full

NZ Australian North American shickered, shot

NZ Australian grogged up, as full as a goog, inked

NZ munted

South African lekker

euphemistic tired and emotional

dated stoned, lit up, as tight as a tick

British dated half seas over, pixilated

British offensive monged, monged out

archaic sotted, besotted, foxed, screwed

rare crapulent, crapulous, inebriate, bibulous, ebrious, ebriose, ebriate