Synonyms of violation in English:


See definition of violation


1‘a flagrant violation of human rights’


contravention, breach, infringement, infraction, breaking, transgression, non-observance, lack of compliance with, disobeying, disobedience, defiance, defying, flouting, flying in the face of, rebelling against

neglect, ignoring, paying no heed to, taking no notice of

2‘the wiretaps were a severe violation of the victims' private lives’


invasion, interruption, breach, infraction

trespass, intrusion, encroachment, disruption, disturbance, upset

3‘his daughter was threatened with violation’


rape, sexual assault, indecent assault, sexual abuse, abuse, molestation, molesting, interference, interfering, seduction, seducing

informal bedding

dated ravishing, ravishment, deflowering, defloration, defilement, dishonour, ruin, ruination