Synonyms of vigorous in English:


See definition of vigorous


1‘the child was strong and vigorous’


robust, healthy, in good health, hale and hearty, strong, strong as an horse, strong as an lion, strong as an ox, sturdy, fine, fit, in good condition, in tip-top condition, in good shape, in good trim, in good kilter

hardy, tough, athletic, strapping, able-bodied

bouncing, thriving, flourishing, blooming

energetic, lively, active, spry, sprightly, perky, playful, jaunty, vivacious, animated, spirited, high-spirited, dynamic, vibrant, full of life, vital, sparkling, effervescent, zestful, buoyant, tireless, indefatigable

informal go-getting, zippy, peppy, bouncy, upbeat, full of vim, full of beans, raring to go, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, in the pink, fit as a fiddle

Northern English informal wick

North American informal chipper


frail, weak

2‘a vigorous defence of government policy’


strenuous, powerful, potent, forceful, forcible, spirited, mettlesome, determined, resolute, aggressive, eager, keen, active, enthusiastic, zealous, ardent, fervent, vehement, intense, intensive, passionate, fiery, wild, unrestrained, uncontrolled, unbridled

tough, blunt, hard-hitting, pulling no punches

informal all-out, punchy, in-your-face


weak, feeble