Synonyms of very in English:


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1‘I'm not very brave’


extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally, especially, tremendously, immensely, vastly, hugely

extraordinarily, extra, excessively, overly, over, abundantly, inordinately, singularly, significantly, distinctly, outstandingly, uncommonly, unusually, decidedly, particularly, eminently, supremely, highly, remarkably, really, truly, mightily, thoroughly

all that, to a great extent, most, so, too

Scottish unco


Northern English right

informal terrifically, awfully, terribly, devilishly, madly, majorly, seriously, desperately, mega, ultra, oh-so, too-too, stinking, mucho, damn, damned, too … for words

dated, informal devilish, hellish, frightfully

British informal ever so, well, bloody, dead, dirty, jolly, fair

North American informal real, mighty, powerful, awful, plumb, darned, way, bitching, mad

South African informal lekker

archaic exceeding, sore


slightly, sort of, not particularly


1‘that is the very thing I was thinking of myself’


exact, actual, precise, particular, specific, distinct

2‘this boy's a gold mine—he's the very thing I need’


ideal, perfect, appropriate, suitable, apt, fitting, fit, right, just right, made to order, tailor-made

British informal spot on, just the job

3‘the very word ‘modern’ was exciting to them’


mere, simple, pure, pure and simple, plain, basic

sheer, utter