Synonyms of venture in English:


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1‘their fortune was wiped out by an unsuccessful business venture’


enterprise, undertaking, project, scheme, pursuit, operation, endeavour, campaign, activity, act, deed, move, measure, task, exploit, mission, adventure, trial

speculation, plunge, gamble, leap in the dark, experiment, crusade

formal essay


1‘some villagers rarely ventured beyond their nearest market town’


travel, journey, go, move, proceed, progress, set out, set forth, rove

wander, stray, drift, migrate

2‘he ventured the opinion that Peter was dangerously insane’


put forward, volunteer, advance, submit, proffer, offer, air, bring up, suggest, propound, posit, propose, moot, ventilate, table, broach, lodge, introduce, put up, present

conjecture, speculate, postulate

formal opine, essay

3‘I ventured to ask her to come and dine with me’


dare, make so bold as, be so bold as, presume, have the temerity, have the effrontery, have the audacity, have the nerve, be brave enough, have the courage, go so far as

take the liberty of

informal stick one's neck out, go out on a limb

North American informal take a flyer