Synonyms of untidy in English:


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1‘Fran smoothed her untidy hair’


scruffy, tousled, dishevelled, unkempt, messy, disordered, disarranged, messed up, rumpled, bedraggled, uncombed, ungroomed, straggly, ruffled, tangled, matted, windblown, wild

frowzy, dirty, sleazy, seedy, slovenly, slatternly, sloppy

informal ratty, mussed up, slobbish, slobby

North American informal raggedy, schlumpy, raunchy

archaic draggle-tailed


tidy, neat

2‘the place was dreadfully untidy’


disordered, messy, in a mess, disorderly, disorganized, in disorder, in confusion, confused, cluttered, in a clutter, mixed up, in a muddle, muddled, in a jumble, jumbled, in chaos, chaotic, haywire, topsy-turvy, in disarray, awry, askew, upside down, upset, disrupted, at sixes and sevens

informal higgledy-piggledy, every which way

British informal shambolic, like a dog's breakfast, like a dog's dinner


tidy, orderly