Synonyms of trouble in English:


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1‘it's the least you can do after all the trouble you've caused’


problems, difficulty, issues, bother, inconvenience, worry, anxiety, distress, concern, disquiet, unease, irritation, vexation, annoyance, stress, agitation, harassment, unpleasantness

informal hassle

2‘she ought not to be spilling out her troubles to you’


problem, misfortune, difficulty, issue, trial, tribulation, trauma, adversity, hardship, burden, distress, pain, suffering, affliction, torment, woe, grief, unhappiness, sadness, heartache, misery

archaic travails

3‘he's gone to a lot of trouble to help you’


bother, inconvenience, fuss, effort, exertion, work, labour

pains, care, attention, thought

informal hassle

4‘I wouldn't want to be a trouble to her’


nuisance, bother, inconvenience, irritation, irritant, problem, trial, pest, cause of annoyance, source of difficulty, thorn in someone's flesh, thorn in someone's side

informal headache, pain in the neck, pain, pain in the backside, drag, bore

North American informal pain in the butt, burr in someone's saddle, burr under someone's saddle, nudnik

Australian informal fair cow

British vulgar slang pain in the arse

5‘you're too gullible, that's your trouble’


shortcoming, weakness, weak point, failing, fault, imperfection, defect, blemish

problem, difficulty

6‘he had a history of heart trouble’


disease, illness, sickness, ailment, complaint, problem

disorder, disability, dysfunction

7‘the crash was apparently due to engine trouble’


malfunction, dysfunction, failure, breakdown, fault

8‘there was crowd trouble before the match’


disturbance, disorder, unrest, bother, fighting, scuffling, conflict, tumult, commotion, turbulence, uproar, ructions, fracas, rumpus, brouhaha, furore, breach of the peace

dated affray

informal to-do, hoo-ha, hullabaloo

British informal kerfuffle


order, peace


1‘this matter had been troubling her for some time’


worry, bother, cause concern to, concern, disturb, upset, make anxious, make uncomfortable, make uneasy, agitate, distress, grieve, alarm, perturb, annoy, irritate, vex, irk, torment, plague, nag, niggle, gnaw at, prey on someone's mind, lie heavy on someone's mind, weigh heavy on someone's mind, oppress, weigh down, burden, afflict

perplex, puzzle

informal bug

2‘lately he has been troubled by bouts of ill health’


be afflicted by, be afflicted with, be bedevilled by, be beset by, be beset with, be dogged by, be incapacitated with, be racked with, be cursed with

suffer from

informal be a martyr to

archaic ail with

3‘there is nothing you need trouble about’


be anxious, be distressed, be concerned, concern oneself, worry, upset oneself, fret, agonize

4‘don't trouble to see me out’


bother, take the time, take the trouble, go to the trouble, make the effort, exert oneself, go out of one's way

5‘I'm sorry to trouble you’


inconvenience, cause inconvenience to, bother, impose on, create difficulties for, disturb, put out, disoblige

informal hassle

rare discommode, incommode


    in trouble

      ‘by 1995, the firm was in trouble’


      in difficulty, in difficulties, having problems, in a mess, in a bad way, in a predicament, in desperate straits, in dire straits, heading for disaster, heading for the rocks, with one's back against the wall


      in shtook, in a tight corner, in a tight spot, in a fix, in a hole, in hot water, up the creek, up the creek without a paddle, in a jam, in a pickle, in the soup, screwed, up against it

      British informal

      up a gum tree

      vulgar slang

      in the shit, in deep shit, up shit creek