Synonyms of tipple in English:


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1‘boys discovered tippling were punished’


drink alcohol, drink, have a drink

informal indulge, imbibe, booze, take a drop, wet one's whistle, knock something back, hit the bottle, take to the bottle, crack a bottle

British informal bevvy

North American informal bend one's elbow

archaic wassail, tope

2‘he tippled some extra rum ration’


drink, swallow, gulp, gulp down, guzzle, quaff, attack, down, drink down, drink up, get down, finish off, polish off, drain, empty, wash something down with, have, take, partake of, ingest, consume, sup, sip, lap

informal sink, kill, imbibe, swig, glug, slug, slurp, swill, hit, knock back, dispose of, toss off, get one's laughing gear round

British informal get outside, get outside of, shift, murder, neck, bevvy

North American informal snarf, chug, scarf, scarf down

archaic bib


1‘their favourite tipple was claret’


alcoholic drink, strong drink, drink, liquor, intoxicant

beverage, liquid refreshment

drop, dram, draught, swallow, sip, gulp, nip, tot, bracer, chaser

booze, hard stuff, hooch, poison, tincture, libation, swig, slug, glug, swill, snifter

dated quaff