Synonyms of throw something out in English:

throw something out

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1‘I was continually having to throw out mouldy furniture’


discard, throw away, dispose of, get rid of, do away with, toss out, scrap, throw on the scrapheap, clear out, remove, dispense with, lose, eliminate, dump, unload, jettison, shed, dismiss, expel, eject, weed out, root out

recycle, break up, demolish, write off

informal chuck, chuck away, chuck out, ditch, bin, junk, get shut of

British informal get shot of, see the back of

North American informal trash, shuck off, wreck



2‘his case was thrown out because an industrial tribunal was not entitled to deal with it’


reject, dismiss, turn down, say ‘no’ to, refuse, disallow, veto, squash

informal give the thumbs down to, give the red light to

3‘a thermal light bulb throws out a lot of heat’


radiate, emit, give off, send out, diffuse, disseminate, disperse