Synonyms of throes in English:


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1‘the throes of childbirth’


agony, pain, paroxysm, pangs, suffering, torture, torment, anguish, distress, hardship, struggle

archaic travail

rare excruciation


    in the throes of

      ‘she was in the throes of her by-election campaign’


      struggling with, wrestling with, grappling with, tackling, toiling at, toiling with, labouring at, slaving at, working at, working on

      having to cope with, enduring, living with, weathering, braving, facing, confronting

      in the middle of, in the process of, in the course of, in the midst of, busy with, occupied in, occupied with, taken up by, taken up with, employed in, involved in, participating in, taking part in, absorbed in, engrossed in, immersed in, preoccupied with, carrying on, conducting, pursuing, following, practising