Synonyms of third-rate in English:


See definition of third-rate


1‘a third-rate hotel’


substandard, below standard, bad, inferior, poor, poor-quality, low-grade

appalling, abysmal, atrocious, abject, awful, terrible, dismal, dreadful, execrable, frightful, miserable, wretched, lamentable, deplorable, pitiful, inadequate, insufficient, unsatisfactory, unacceptable

jerry-built, shoddy, tinny, trashy, rubbishy

British cheap and nasty

North American cheapjack

informal lousy, not much cop, not up to much, crummy, bum, diabolical, rotten, sad, tatty, tacky, dire, tenth-rate

British informal ropy, duff, naff, rubbish, pants, a load of pants, grotty

vulgar slang crap, crappy, shitty, chickenshit

rare direful, egregious


first-rate, excellent