Synonyms of terribly in English:


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1‘she's terribly upset’


very, extremely, awfully, dreadfully, really, frightfully, exceptionally, exceedingly, immensely, thoroughly, uncommonly, remarkably, eminently, extraordinarily, incredibly, most, positively, decidedly, downright

heartily, profoundly

Scottish unco

North American quite

informal terrifically, tremendously, fearfully, desperately, seriously, devilishly, hugely, fantastically, madly, ultra, too … for words, mucho, mega, majorly, oh-so, stinking

British informal jolly, ever so, dead, well, fair, right

North American informal real, mighty, awful, plumb, powerful, way, bitching

South African informal lekker

dated, informal devilish

archaic exceeding, sore

2‘he played terribly’


very badly, atrociously, awfully, dismally, dreadfully, appallingly, execrably, poorly, incompetently, inexpertly

informal abysmally, pitifully, crummily, diabolically, rottenly

rare egregiously

3‘I shall miss you terribly’


very much, greatly, a great deal, a lot, mightily

informal loads