Synonyms of tag in English:


See definition of tag


1‘a price tag’


label, ticket, badge, mark, marker, tab, tally, sticker, docket, stub, chit, chitty, counterfoil, flag, stamp

2‘his jacket was hung up by its tag’


tab, flap, loop, lappet, label

strap, handle

3‘he has vowed to throw off his ‘bad boy’ tag’


designation, denomination, label, description, characterization, identification, identity

nickname, name, epithet, title, soubriquet, pet name, byname

informal handle, moniker

formal appellation, cognomen

4‘his writing is full of tags from the Bible and Shakespeare’


quotation, stock phrase, platitude, cliché, epithet, quote, extract, excerpt, passage, allusion, phrase

saying, proverb, maxim, axiom, adage, saw, aphorism, motto, epigram, epigraph, dictum, formula, truism, slogan, catchphrase

informal, dated gobbet


1‘the bottles were tagged with colour-coded labels’


label, attach tags to, put a label on, mark, ticket, earmark, identify, docket, flag, indicate

2‘he became tagged as a ‘thinking’ actor’


designate, describe, identify, classify, label, class, categorize, characterize

mark, stamp, brand, pigeonhole, stereotype, typecast, compartmentalize, typify

name, call, nickname, title, entitle, dub, term, style, christen, baptize

3‘their heads were so large that the rest of their bodies seemed tagged on as an afterthought’


add, tack, join

attach, append, affix, annex

4‘her little boy was tagging along behind her’


follow, trail

come after, go after, tread on the heels of, shadow, dog

go with, accompany, attend, escort

informal tail