Synonyms of tactless in English:


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1‘it was a cruel, tactless thing to say’


insensitive, inconsiderate, thoughtless, unthinking, indelicate, undiplomatic, impolitic, indiscreet, unsubtle, clumsy, heavy-handed, graceless, awkward, unpolished, inept, bungling, maladroit, gauche, undiscerning, unsophisticated

blunt, straightforward, frank, plain-spoken, outspoken, abrupt, precipitate

gruff, bluff, rough, crude, coarse, speaking as one finds, calling a spade a spade, like a bull in a china shop

imprudent, injudicious, unwise, foolhardy

rude, impolite, uncouth, discourteous, crass, tasteless, impertinent, disrespectful, ungentlemanly, unladylike, boorish, uncivilized, uncivil

unkind, uncaring, uncalled for, callous, hurtful, thick-skinned, uncharitable, cruel


tactful, diplomatic, discreet