Synonyms of swear in English:


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1‘the godparents will then swear that they believe in the creed and the commandments’


promise, vow, promise under oath, solemnly promise, pledge oneself, give one's word, take an oath, swear an oath, swear on the Bible, give an undertaking, undertake, affirm, warrant, state, assert, declare, aver, proclaim, pronounce, profess, attest, guarantee

depose, make a deposition, bind oneself

rare asseverate

2‘she swore that she would never go back to her aunt's house’


insist, avow, be emphatic, pronounce, declare, assert, maintain, contend, aver, emphasize, stress

3‘Kate spilled wine on her jeans and swore’


curse, blaspheme, utter profanities, utter oaths, be foul-mouthed, use bad language, use foul language, be blasphemous, take the Lord's name in vain, swear like a trooper, damn

informal cuss, turn the air blue, eff and blind

archaic execrate


    swear by

      1‘I swear by the Blessed Virgin that it fell into the sea’


      invoke, appeal to, call as one's witness

      2‘many of the locals swear by these computers’


      express confidence in, have faith in, put one's faith in, trust, have every confidence in, believe in

      set store by, value


    swear in

      ‘he was sworn in as the country's fifteenth Prime Minister’


      install, instate, induct, invest, inaugurate, introduce, admit into office, institute, initiate

      appoint, put in, create

      ordain, consecrate, anoint

      enthrone, crown

    swear off

      ‘he swore off drink, tobacco, and gambling’


      renounce, forswear, forgo, abjure, abstain from, go without, shun, avoid, eschew, steer clear of, give a wide berth to, have nothing to do with

      give up, dispense with, stop, cease, finish, discontinue, break off, drop


      kick, quit, jack in


      take up