Synonyms of suggest in English:


See definition of suggest


1‘Ruth suggested a card-playing evening’


propose, put forward, submit, recommend, advocate

advise, propound, urge, encourage, counsel

move, table

2‘evidence suggests that teenagers are more responsive to price increases than adults’


indicate, lead to the belief, give the impression, give the idea, argue, point to, demonstrate, show, evince

3‘government sources suggested that the Prime Minister would not necessarily change his cabinet’


hint, insinuate, imply, intimate, drive at, indicate

informal get at

4‘the seduction scenes have enough ambivalence to suggest his guilt and her loneliness’


convey, express, impart, imply, intimate, connote, smack of

put one in mind of, bring to mind, remind one of, evoke, evince, conjure up, summon up, call up

refer to, allude to, signify