Synonyms of subterfuge in English:


See definition of subterfuge


1‘journalists should not use subterfuge to gain admission to people's homes’


trickery, intrigue, deviousness, evasion, deceit, deception, dishonesty, cheating, duplicity, guile, cunning, craft, craftiness, slyness, chicanery, bluff, pretence, fraud, fraudulence, sophistry, sharp practice

informal monkey business, funny business, hanky-panky, jiggery-pokery, kidology, every trick in the book

Irish informal codology


honesty, openness

2‘a disreputable subterfuge’


trick, hoax, ruse, wile, ploy, stratagem, artifice, dodge, bluff, manoeuvre, machination, pretext, pretence, expedient, tactic, intrigue, scheme, deception, fraud, masquerade, blind, smokescreen, sleight, stunt, game

informal con, racket, scam, caper

British informal wheeze

Australian informal lurk

archaic shift