Synonyms of subscribe in English:


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1‘How many magazines do you subscribe to?’


pay a subscription, buy regularly, take, take regularly, read, read regularly, contract to buy

be a member of, support

2‘his release was secured by friends subscribing to a ransom fund’


donate, make a donation, make a subscription, give, give money, make a contribution, pay, pledge

contribute towards, sponsor, finance, back, subsidize, underwrite

informal chip into, pitch into

North American informal kick in

3‘I'm afraid I can't subscribe to the theory’


agree with, be in agreement with, accede to, consent to, accept, believe in, endorse, back, support, advocate, champion

4‘the names of signatories are subscribed’


sign, write, inscribe, initial, autograph, countersign, witness, put one's mark on

add, append

set one's hand to

archaic underwrite, style, side-sign

rare chirographate