Synonyms of steal in English:


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1‘the raiders stole a fax machine’


purloin, thieve, take, take for oneself, help oneself to, loot, pilfer, abscond with, run off with, appropriate, abstract, carry off, shoplift

embezzle, misappropriate

have one's fingers in the till, have one's hand in the till

informal walk away with, walk off with, run away with, run off with, rob, swipe, nab, rip off, lift, liberate, filch, snaffle, snitch, souvenir

British informal nick, pinch, half-inch, whip, knock off, nobble, bone, scrump, blag

North American informal heist, glom

Australian informal snavel

Australian informal, dated clifty

West Indian informal tief

archaic crib, hook

rare peculate, defalcate

informal walk, go walkies

2‘he alleged that his work was stolen by his tutor’


plagiarize, copy, pass off as one's own, infringe the copyright of, pirate, poach, borrow, appropriate

informal rip off, lift, pinch, nick, crib

3‘she was a beauty, and he'd often wanted to steal a kiss’


snatch, sneak, obtain stealthily, get surreptitiously

4‘he stole out of the room’


creep, sneak, slink, slip, slither, slide, glide, sidle, slope, edge, move furtively, tiptoe, pussyfoot, pad, prowl


1‘New York's biggest art steal’


theft, robbery, raid, ram raid, burglary, larceny, thievery, break-in, hold-up

embezzlement, misappropriation, swindle, fraud


informal snatch, pinch, smash-and-grab, smash-and-grab raid, stick-up, mugging, job

British informal blag

informal heist

rare peculation, defalcation

2‘at £30 it's a steal’


bargain, good buy, cheap buy

value for money, good value for money, surprisingly cheap

snip, giveaway


    steal away

      ‘she disobeyed a court order and stole away with the children’


      abscond, decamp, make off, run off, run away, flee, bolt, take off, take flight, disappear, vanish, slip away, sneak away, beat a hasty retreat, escape, make a run for it, make one's getaway, leave, depart, make oneself scarce


      split, scram, skedaddle, vamoose, skip, cut and run, make tracks, push off, shove off, clear off, hightail it, hotfoot it, show a clean pair of heels, do a bunk, do a runner, do a moonlight flit, do a disappearing act, head for the hills, fly the coop, take French leave, go AWOL

      British informal


      North American informal

      take a powder, go on the lam, light out, bug out, peel out, cut out

      British informal, dated

      hook it

    steal the show

      ‘she stole the show from her seasoned co-stars’


      be the centre of attention, get all the attention, attract the most attention, be the focus of attention, be the main attraction, be the outstanding feature, put the others in the shade, be the high point, be the high spot, be the best part, have all eyes on one, be the cynosure

      outshine, put in the shade, upstage, overshadow, eclipse, outclass, dwarf, tower above, tower over, put to shame