Synonyms of soldier in English:


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1‘thirty soldiers died during the operation’


fighter, serviceman, servicewoman, fighting man, fighting woman, comrade-in-arms, warrior, trooper

cannon fodder

GI, enlisted man

British informal squaddie

British military slang pongo

archaic man-at-arms


    soldier on

      ‘Graham wasn't enjoying this, but he soldiered on’


      persevere, persist, carry on doggedly, keep on, keep going, not give up, struggle on, hammer away, be persistent, be determined, follow something through, see something through, keep at it, show determination, press ahead, press on, stay with something, not take no for an answer, be tenacious, be pertinacious, stand one's ground, stand fast, stand firm, hold on, hold out, go the distance, stay the course, plod on, plough on, grind away


      hang on, plug away, peg away, stick to one's guns, stick at it, stick it out, hang in there, bash on