Synonyms of society in English:


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1‘drugs, crime, and other dangers to society’


the community, the public, the general public, the people, the population

civilization, the world at large, humankind, mankind, humanity

2‘a modern industrial society’


culture, group, community, civilization, nation, population

3‘Lady Angela will teach you all you need to know to enter society’


polite society, high society, the aristocracy, the gentry, the nobility, the upper classes, the elite, the privileged classes, the county set

the smart set, the fashionable, the A-list, the wealthy, the beautiful people, the crème de la crème, the beau monde, the haut monde

informal the upper crust, the top drawer, the jet set

British informal nobs, toffs

informal, dated swells

4‘a local history society’


association, club, group, band, circle, fellowship, body, guild, college, lodge, order, fraternity, confraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, sorority, league, federation, union, alliance, affiliation, institution, coterie

rare sodality

5‘she shunned the society of others’


company, companionship, fellowship, friendship, comradeship, camaraderie, social intercourse