Synonyms of snoop in English:


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1‘you shouldn't snoop into our affairs’


pry, enquire impertinently, be inquisitive, be inquisitive about, enquire, do some detective work

be curious, poke about, poke around, mind someone else's business, be a busybody, nose into, poke one's nose in, poke one's nose into, stick one's nose in, stick one's nose into

interfere, interfere in, interfere with, meddle, meddle in, meddle with, intrude, intrude on

be nosy, be nosy about, nosy

NZ Australian stickybeak

2‘they decided to snoop around the building’


investigate, explore, ferret in, ferret about in, ferret around in, rummage in, search, delve into, peer into, prowl around, nose about, nose around, nose round, have a good look at


1‘White went off for a snoop around, as policemen do’


search, nose, look, prowl, ferret, poke, exploration, investigation

2‘the broadcast was intercepted by radio snoops’


eavesdropper, pryer, interferer, meddler, busybody

investigative journalist

investigator, detective, private detective, private investigator, operative

British enquiry agent

snooper, nosy parker, Paul Pry, private eye, PI, sleuth

North American private dick, peeper, shamus, gumshoe

NZ Australian stickybeak

dated hawkshaw, sherlock

North American dated Pinkerton