Synonyms of slay in English:


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1‘8,000 men from the regiment were slain’


kill, murder, put to death, do to death, put to the sword, butcher, cut down, cut to pieces, slaughter, massacre, shoot down, gun down, mow down, assassinate, execute, dispatch, destroy, eliminate, annihilate, exterminate, dispose of

informal wipe out, take out, bump off, do in, do for, rub out, top, wipe off the face of the earth, blow away, liquidate, stiff

North American informal waste, smoke, ice, off

2‘you slay me, you really do’


amuse greatly, convulse with laughter, convulse with mirth, entertain greatly, make someone laugh

have people rolling in the aisles, make someone crack up, kill, knock dead, be the death of, wow, be a hit with

British crease up