Synonyms of simmer in English:


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1‘a pan of vegetable soup was simmering on the stove’


boil gently, not quite boil, cook gently, stew, poach


rare seethe

2‘she was simmering with resentment’


be furious, be enraged, be angry, be incensed, be infuriated, be beside oneself, have lost one's temper, have a fit, boil, seethe, be boiling over, chafe, rage, be in a rage, rant, rave, rant and rave, storm, fume, smoulder, spit, breathe fire, burn

informal be livid, be wild, jump up and down, foam at the mouth, froth at the mouth, be steamed up, be hot under the collar, have steam coming out of one's ears

British informal do one's head in, do one's nut in


    simmer down

      ‘he stormed out of the theatre in a rage but soon simmered down’


      become less angry, cool off, cool down, be placated, let someone smooth one's ruffled feathers, contain oneself, control oneself, become calmer, calm down, become quieter, quieten down, loosen up, settle, settle down


      get steamed up