Synonyms of shy in English

: shy1shy2


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1‘as a teenager I was painfully shy’


bashful, diffident, timid, sheepish, reserved, reticent, introverted, retiring, self-effacing, shrinking, withdrawn, timorous, mousy, fearful, apprehensive, nervous, hesitant, reluctant, doubting, insecure, wary, suspicious, chary, unconfident, inhibited, constrained, repressed, self-conscious, embarrassed, coy, demure, abashed, modest, humble, meek


bold, brash, confident

Synonyms of shy in English

: shy1shy2


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1‘they began shying stones at him’


throw, toss, fling, hurl, cast, lob, launch, flip, pitch, dash, aim, direct, propel, bowl

informal chuck, heave, sling, buzz, whang, bung

North American informal peg

Australian informal hoy

NZ informal bish


    shy away from

      ‘don't shy away from saying what you think’


      flinch, demur, recoil, hang back

      have scruples about, scruple about, have misgivings about, have qualms about, be averse to, be chary of, not be in favour of, be against, be opposed to, be diffident about, be bashful about, be shy about, fight shy of, be coy about

      be loath to, scruple to, be reluctant to, be unwilling to, be disinclined to, not be in the mood to, be indisposed to, be sorry to, be slow to, be hesitant to, be ashamed to, be afraid to, hesitate to, hate to, not like to, not have the heart to, drag one's feet over, drag one's heels over, waver about, vacillate about, think twice about, baulk at, quail at, mind doing something


      be cagey about, boggle at



      Variant spelling shy