Synonyms of shoot in English:


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1‘he went out to shoot rabbits’


gun down, shoot down, mow down, hit, wound, injure, cut down, bring down

put a bullet in, pick off, bag, fell, kill

execute, put before a firing squad

informal pot, blast, pump full of lead, plug, zap

literary slay

2‘the men began to shoot at the enemy’


fire, fire at, fire on, open fire, open fire at, open fire on, aim at, snipe at, let fly, let fly at, blaze away

bombard, shell

3‘faster than a machine gun can shoot bullets’


discharge, fire, launch, let off, loose off, let fly, send forth, emit

4‘a police car shot past’


race, hurry, hasten, flash, dash, dart, rush, speed, hurtle, streak, really move, spank along, whirl, whizz, go like lightning, go hell for leather, whoosh, buzz, zoom, swoop, blast, charge

stampede, gallop, chase, career, bustle, sweep, hare, fly, wing, scurry, scud, scutter

informal belt, scoot, scorch, tear, zap, zip, whip, whip along, get cracking, get a move on, step on it, burn rubber, go like a bat out of hell

British informal bomb, bucket, shift, put one's foot down

North American informal clip, boogie, hightail, barrel, lay rubber

literary fleet

North American vulgar slang drag ass, haul ass, tear ass

archaic post, hie

5‘some years one or other plant fails to shoot’


sprout, put forth shoots, put forth buds, bud, burgeon, germinate

technical pullulate

6‘the film was shot on location in Tunisia’


film, photograph, get a photo of, get a photograph of, take a photo of, take a photograph of, get photographs of, take photographs of, get a picture of, take a picture of, get pictures of, take pictures of, take someone's photo, take someone's picture, get a snap of, get a snapshot of, take a snap of, take a snapshot of, take, snap, capture on celluloid, capture on film, record on celluloid, record on film

make a film of, televise, video


1‘I nip off the new shoots to make the plant bush out’


sprout, offshoot, scion, sucker, bud, spear, runner, tendril, sprig, cutting

technical stolon, flagellum, bine, ratoon