Synonyms of shirk in English:


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1‘she was brave and would not shirk any task’


evade, dodge, avoid, get out of, sidestep, shuffle off, run away from, shrink from, shun, slide out of, play truant from, skip, miss, not attend

neglect, let slide, not attend to, pay little attention to, pay no attention to, be remiss about, be lax about, leave undone, lose sight of, skimp on

informal duck, duck out of, cop out of

British informal skive off, funk

North American informal cut

NZ Australian informal duck-shove

2‘discipline was strict and no one shirked’


evade one's duty, be remiss, be negligent, skulk, play truant, malinger

British informal skive, skive off, wag, dodge the column, swing the lead, scrimshank, slack

North American informal goof off, goldbrick, play hookey

NZ Australian informal bludge, play the wag