Synonyms of scare in English:


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1‘the thought of what might happen scared her’


frighten, make afraid, make fearful, make nervous, panic, throw into a panic

terrify, petrify, frighten to death, scare to death, frighten someone out of their wits, scare someone out of their wits, scare stiff, scare witless, frighten the living daylights out of, scare the living daylights out of, frighten the life out of, scare the life out of, scare the hell out of, strike terror into, fill with fear, put the fear of God into, make someone jump, make someone jump out of their skin, make someone's hair stand on end, give someone goose pimples, make someone's blood run cold, chill someone's blood, send into a cold sweat, make someone shake in their shoes

startle, alarm, give someone a fright, give someone a turn

shock, appal, horrify

intimidate, daunt, unnerve

informal give someone the heebie-jeebies, scare the pants off, scarify, make someone's hair curl

British informal throw into a blue funk, put the wind up

Irish informal scare the bejesus out of

North American informal spook

vulgar slang scare shitless, scare the shit out of

archaic fright, affright




1‘you gave me a scare—how did you get here?’


fright, shock, start, turn, jump

informal the heebie-jeebies