Synonyms of satanic in English:


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1‘how could ordinary people have committed such satanic atrocities?’


diabolical, fiendish, devilish, demonic, demoniac, demoniacal, Mephistophelian

hellish, infernal, accursed, wicked, evil, sinful, iniquitous, nefarious, vile, foul, abominable, unspeakable, loathsome, monstrous, atrocious, heinous, hideous, odious, horrible, horrifying, shocking, appalling, dreadful, awful, terrible, ghastly, abhorrent, despicable, damnable, villainous, depraved, perverted, ungodly, dark, black, black-hearted, immoral, amoral

vicious, cruel, savage, brutish, bestial, barbaric, barbarous

rare cacodemonic, egregious, flagitious, facinorous