Synonyms of run down in English

: run down1run down2

run down1

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1‘a run-down area of East London’


dilapidated, tumbledown, ramshackle, derelict, ruinous, falling to pieces, decrepit, gone to rack and ruin, in ruins, broken-down, crumbling, decaying, disintegrating

neglected, uncared-for, unmaintained, depressed, down at heel, seedy, shabby, dingy, slummy, insalubrious, squalid

informal shambly, crummy

British informal grotty

North American informal shacky

NZ Australian informal rumpty



2‘by eating more leafy green vegetables you can avoid feeling run down and tense’


unwell, ill, poorly, out of sorts, unhealthy, peaky, not oneself, below par, in bad shape

tired, debilitated, drained, exhausted, fatigued, enervated, weak, worn out, washed out

British off, off colour

informal under the weather, crummy

British informal not up to snuff, not feeling up to snuff, ropy, knackered

Scottish informal wabbit

NZ Australian informal crook

vulgar slang crappy

dated seedy, queer

rare peaked, peakish


healthy, well

Synonyms of run down in English

: run down1run down2

run down2

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1‘he was dismayed to discover how much the farm had run down’


decline, degenerate, go downhill, become dilapidated, go to seed, fall into decay, decay, go to rack and ruin

informal go to pot, go to the dogs


recover, improve