Synonyms of rubbish in English:


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1‘a more environmentally friendly way of disposing of rubbish’


refuse, waste, garbage, litter, discarded matter, debris, detritus, scrap, dross

flotsam and jetsam, lumber

sweepings, leavings, leftovers, scraps, dregs, offscourings, odds and ends


North American trash

NZ Australian mullock

informal dreck, junk

British informal grot, gash


rare draff, raffle, raff, cultch, orts

2‘she's talking a load of rubbish’


nonsense, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blarney, blather, blether, moonshine

informal hogwash, baloney, tripe, drivel, bilge, bosh, bull, bunk, rot, hot air, eyewash, piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey, malarkey, twaddle, guff, dribble


British informal codswallop, cock, cobblers, stuff and nonsense, tosh, taradiddle, cack

Northern English Scottish informal havers

Irish informal codology

North American informal garbage, flapdoodle, blathers, wack, bushwa, applesauce

dated, informal bunkum, tommyrot, cod, gammon, toffee

vulgar slang shit, crap, bullshit, balls

North American vulgar slang crapola

NZ Australian vulgar slang bulldust




1‘he seems to spend a lot of his time rubbishing trade unions’


criticize, find fault with, censure, denounce, condemn, arraign, attack, lambaste, pillory, disapprove of, carp at, cavil at, rail against, inveigh against, cast aspersions on, pour scorn on, disparage, denigrate, deprecate, malign, vilify, besmirch, run down, give a bad press to

North American slur

knock, pan, slam, hammer, blast, bad-mouth, nitpick about, throw brickbats at, give flak to, lay into, lace into, pull to pieces, pull apart, pick holes in, hit out at, maul, savage, roast, skewer, crucify

slag off, have a go at, give some stick to, monster, slate

North American pummel, cut up, trash, bag on

NZ Australian bag

Australian sledge

dated rate

archaic slash, vituperate against, reprobate

rare animadvert on, objurgate, excoriate, asperse, derogate, reprehend


praise, approve of


1‘they're a rubbish team’


very bad, very poor, awful, terrible, dreadful, appalling, frightful, atrocious, inferior, incompetent, inadequate, ineffective, hopeless

pathetic, useless, lousy, rotten, a dead loss, abysmal, dire

duff, a load of pants, unable to do something for toffee, unable to do something to save one's life