Synonyms of revolution in English:


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1‘the French Revolution’


rebellion, revolt, insurrection, mutiny, uprising, riot, rioting, rising, insurgence, insurgency, coup, overthrow, seizure of power, regime change

subversion, sedition, anarchy, disorder, protest, strike, act of resistance, act of defiance

coup d'état


rare jacquerie

2‘there has been a revolution in printing techniques’


dramatic change, radical change, drastic alteration, radical alteration, complete shift, sea change, metamorphosis, transformation, conversion, innovation, breakaway

reorganization, restructuring, reformation, remodelling, rearrangement, reorientation, regrouping, redistribution

upheaval, upset, disruption, convulsions, cataclysm

informal shake-up

North American informal shakedown

humorous transmogrification

3‘the prop shaft turns 4.7 times for one revolution of a road wheel’


single turn, turn, rotation, circle, whirl, twirl, spin, wheel, roll, round, cycle, circuit, lap

4‘the rate of revolution of the earth’


turning, gyration, rotation, circumrotation, wheeling, turning around, circling, whirling, twirling, spinning, swivelling, rolling, orbital motion, orbiting, orbit

rare circumgyration