Synonyms of review in English:


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1‘the Council is to undertake a review of its property portfolio’


analysis, evaluation, assessment, appraisal, examination, investigation, scrutiny, enquiry, exploration, probe, inspection, study, audit

rare anatomization

2‘the rent is due for review’


reconsideration, re-examination, reassessment, re-evaluation, reappraisal, moderation, rethink, another look, a fresh look

change, alteration, modification, revision

3‘he began to write reviews of local stage plays’


criticism, critique, write-up, notice, assessment, evaluation, judgement, rating, commentary

piece, article, column

British informal crit

4‘a recent scientific review contained the following article’


journal, periodical, magazine, organ, publication, proceedings, annual, quarterly, monthly

5‘the authority's latest annual review of the local economy’


survey, report, study, account, record, description, exposition, statement, delineation, overview, rundown, breakdown, overall picture

compte rendu, procès-verbal


informal sitrep

6‘in a traditional military review, the visiting leader inspects the soldiers up close’


inspection, parade, display, demonstration, field day, tattoo, array, muster, procession

British march past


1‘I shall first review the empirical evidence’


survey, study, research, consider, take stock of, analyse, audit, examine, scrutinize, enquire into, make enquiries into, explore, look into, probe, investigate, conduct investigations into, inspect, assess, appraise, size up

sum up

rare anatomize

2‘the referee reviewed the decision he'd made’


reconsider, re-examine, reassess, re-evaluate, reappraise, moderate, rethink, think over, take another look at, take a fresh look at, look at in a different light, have another think about

change, alter, modify, revise


stick by

3‘once in bed, he reviewed the day’


remember, recall, recollect, reflect on, think through, go over in one's mind, cast one's mind back to, think back on, look back on

hark back to, call to mind, summon up, evoke

4‘the Commander-in-Chief reviewed his troops’


inspect, view, scrutinize

parade, muster, march past

5‘John Daly reviewed the novel for the Times’


comment on, discuss, evaluate, assess, appraise, judge, weigh up, rate, write up, critique, criticize