Synonyms of revenge in English:


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1‘she is seeking revenge for the murder of her husband’


vengeance, retribution, retaliation, reprisal, requital, recrimination, an eye for an eye, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, tit for tat, measure for measure, getting even, redress, satisfaction, repayment, payback

lex talionis

rare ultion

2‘they were so filled with revenge that they shot his father’


vengefulness, vindictiveness, vitriol, virulence, spite, spitefulness, malice, maliciousness, malevolence, malignancy, ill will, animosity, antipathy, enmity, hostility, acrimony, venom, poison, hate, hatred, rancour, bitterness

literary revengefulness, maleficence


1‘he was determined to revenge his brother's murder’


avenge, exact revenge for, take revenge for, make retaliation for, retaliate for, exact retribution for, take reprisals for, get redress for, get satisfaction for


2‘I'll be revenged on the whole pack of you’


take revenge on, exact revenge on, wreak revenge on, get one's revenge on, avenge oneself on, take vengeance on, get even with, settle a score with, settle the score with, get, pay back, pay out, retaliate against, retaliate on, take reprisals against, exact retribution on, let someone see how it feels, give someone their just deserts, give someone a dose of their own medicine, give someone a taste of their own medicine, give as good as one gets

give like for like, return like for like, give tit for tat, take an eye for an eye, take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

informal give someone their comeuppance

British informal get one's own back on

archaic recriminate

rare give someone a Roland for an Oliver