Synonyms of reside in English:


See definition of reside


1‘a number of students reside in flats and other lodgings in Coleraine’


live in, occupy, inhabit, have one's home in, be settled in, have taken up residence in, have established oneself in

stay in, lodge in

informal hang out in

North American informal hang one's hat in

formal dwell in, be domiciled in, sojourn in

archaic bide in



2‘the Lewis Papers now reside in an air-conditioned vault in the suburbs of Chicago’


be situated, be placed, be found, be located, lie, repose

3‘a unitary state in which executive power resides in the president’


belong to, be vested in, be bestowed on, be conferred on, be entrusted to, be in the hands of

4‘the distinctive qualities that reside within each individual’


be inherent in, be intrinsic to, be present in, inhere in

exist in, rest in, lie in, dwell in, abide in

consist in, subsist in

rare indwell