Synonyms of report in English:


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1‘the government reported the biggest fall in manufacturing output since 1981’


announce, describe, give an account of, tell of, detail, delineate, outline

communicate, pass on, relay

divulge, disclose, reveal

make public, publish, circulate, set out, set forth, put out, post, broadcast

blazon, herald, proclaim, declare, publicize, promulgate

document, record, chronicle

formal adumbrate

2‘many magazines happily report on the titillating activities of the stars’


investigate, look into, enquire into, survey, research, study

write about, write an account of, broadcast details of, cover, describe, give details of, write up

commentate on

3‘I reported him to the police’


make a complaint against, make a charge against, inform on, tattle on, accuse

informal blow the whistle on, grass on, shop, tell on, squeal on, rat on, split on, peach on

rare delate on

4‘Juliet reported for duty at 8.30’


present oneself, arrive, appear, turn up, clock in, sign in

make oneself known, announce oneself, come, be present

British clock on

North American punch in, punch the clock, punch the time clock

informal show up


1‘I've asked James for a full report of the meeting’


account, review, record, description, exposition, statement, delineation

transactions, proceedings, transcripts, minutes

compte rendu, procès-verbal

informal sitrep

2‘police received reports of drug dealing in the area’


news, information, word, intelligence, intimation

literary tidings

archaic advices

3‘I followed his progress through television and newspaper reports’


story, account, description

article, piece, item, column, feature, write-up, exposé

bulletin, communiqué, dispatch, communication

4‘his last school report had been good’


assessment, evaluation, appraisal


North American report card, grades

5‘reports of his imminent resignation circulated’


rumour, whisper, piece of gossip, piece of hearsay

on dit

informal buzz

rare bruit

6‘those who are true, and honest, and of good report’


reputation, repute, regard, character, name, standing, stature

7‘they heard the report of a gun’


bang, blast, crack, pop, shot, gunshot

explosion, detonation, boom

crash, noise, sound, echo, reverberation