Synonyms of replace in English:


See definition of replace


1‘Adam replaced the receiver thoughtfully’


put back, return, return to its place, restore



2‘a new chairman was brought in to replace him’


take the place of, succeed, be a replacement for, take over from, supersede, follow after, come after

supplant, oust

stand in for, substitute for, act as stand-in for, deputize for, act for, stand in lieu of, fill in for, cover for, relieve, act as locum for, understudy

step into the breach, hold the fort

informal fill someone's boots, fill someone's shoes, step into someone's boots, step into someone's shoes, sub for

3‘she took away his empty cereal bowl and replaced it with a plate piled high with toast’


substitute, exchange, change

give in place of, give as a replacement for, give in exchange for, give in return for, swap for