Synonyms of rehabilitate in English:


See definition of rehabilitate


1‘efforts are made to rehabilitate patients after treatment’


restore to health, restore to normality, reintegrate, readapt, retrain

North American informal rehab

2‘with the fall of the government, many former dissidents were rehabilitated’


reinstate, reinstall, restore, bring back, re-establish

pardon, absolve, exonerate, exculpate, forgive

3‘the authority has an excellent reputation for rehabilitating vacant housing’


recondition, restore, renew, renovate, refurbish, revamp, make over, make fit for habitation, make fit for use, overhaul, develop, redevelop, convert, rebuild, reconstruct, remodel

redecorate, brighten up, freshen up, spruce up

improve, upgrade, refit, fix up, re-equip

modernize, update, bring up to date, bring into the twenty-first century

North American bring something up to code, rehab

informal do up