Synonyms of realize in English:


See definition of realize


1‘it took him a moment to realize what she meant’


register, perceive, discern, be aware of, become aware of, be aware of the fact that, become aware of the fact that, be conscious of, become conscious of, be conscious of the fact that, become conscious of the fact that, notice

understand, grasp, take in, comprehend, see, recognize, work out, fathom, fathom out, appreciate, ascertain, apprehend, be cognizant of, become cognizant of, know, conceive

discover, find

see the light

informal latch on to, cotton on to, catch on to, tumble to, get, figure out, get a fix on, wrap one's mind around, get the message, get the picture, have an aha moment

British informal twig, suss

North American informal savvy

rare cognize

2‘he realized a 15-year dream by restoring the castle to its original glory’


fulfil, achieve, accomplish, make real, make a reality, make happen, make concrete, bring to fruition, bring about, bring off, consummate, perform, carry out, carry through, execute, actualize, effect

rare effectuate, reify

3‘he had been able to realize significant trading profits for his companies’


make, obtain, clear, acquire, gain, bring in, reap

earn, return, produce

4‘when the goods were put up for sale by auction, they realized £3000’


be sold for, sell for, fetch, go for, get, make, net

5‘he realized other assets and used the money to subsidize the business’


cash in, convert into cash

liquidate, capitalize