Synonyms of rat in English:


See definition of rat


1‘her rat of a husband cheated her’


scoundrel, wretch, rogue

informal beast, pig, swine, bastard, creep, louse, snake, snake in the grass, bum, lowlife, scumbag, heel, skunk, dog, weasel

British informal scrote

North American informal rat fink

Irish informal sleeveen

Australian informal dingo

dated rotter, cad, bounder

vulgar slang shit

2‘the most famous rat in mob history’


informer, betrayer, stool pigeon

informal snitch, finger, squealer, nose

British informal grass, supergrass, nark, snout

Scottish Northern Irish informal tout

North American informal fink, stoolie

Australian informal fizgig, pimp, shelf

archaic intelligencer, beagle


1‘Rats! I've lost my ticket!’


damn, damnation, blast, hell, heck, Gordon Bennett

British bother

informal drat, sugar, botheration, flip, flipping heck, flipping hell

British informal dash, blooming heck, blooming hell, blinking heck, blinking hell

North American informal doggone it, shucks, shoot, tarnation

Indian informal arré

dated confound it, pish


    rat on

      1‘we may have been poor but ratting on our friends was something we didn't do’


      inform against, inform on, betray, be disloyal to, be unfaithful to, break one's promise to, break faith with, sell out, stab someone in the back


      tell on, sell down the river, blow the whistle on, squeal on, stitch up, peach on, do the dirty on

      British informal

      grass on, shop

      North American informal

      rat out, finger, drop a dime on, drop the dime on

      Australian informal

      pimp on, pool, put someone's pot on

      2‘he accused the government of ratting on an earlier pledge’


      break, renege on, go back on, back out of, default on, welsh on

      break one's word