Synonyms of rage in English:


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1‘Keith's rage is caused by frustration’


fury, anger, wrath, outrage, indignation, passion, hot temper, spleen, resentment, pique, annoyance, vexation, exasperation, displeasure, bitterness, rancour, antagonism, hostility

air rage

literary ire, choler



2‘Toby flew into a rage at this remark’


temper, fit of anger, fit of fury, fit of rage, fit of temper, fit of bad temper, fit of ill temper, towering rage, bad temper, pet, fit of pique, tantrum, fury, frenzy of anger, frenzy of rage, rampage, paroxysm of anger, paroxysm of rage, passion, bad mood, mood

informal grump, strop, state

North American informal blowout, hissy fit

British dated, informal bate, wax, skid

archaic paddywhack

3‘the current rage for portable computing’


craze, passion, fashion, taste, desire, craving, appetite, trend, vogue, fad, enthusiasm, love, obsession, compulsion, weakness, fondness, fixation, fetish, mania, fascination, preoccupation

informal thing, yen

rare cacoethes


1‘she raged silently all the way back to the cottage’


be angry, be furious, be enraged, be incensed, be infuriated, seethe, be beside oneself, have a fit, boil, be boiling over, rant, rave, rant and rave, storm, fume, spit, breathe fire, burn

informal be livid, be wild, jump up and down, foam at the mouth, froth at the mouth, be steamed up, have steam coming out of one's ears

British informal do one's head in, do one's nut in, spit feathers

2‘he raged against the carving-up of the land’


protest strongly at, complain vociferously about, disagree violently with, oppose strongly, denounce

fulminate, storm, inveigh, rail, kick, expostulate, make a fuss about

informal kick up a fuss about, kick up a stink about

3‘a tropical storm was raging’


be violent, be at its height, be turbulent, be tempestuous, be uncontrollable, thunder, rampage


    (all) the rage

      ‘for today's children, video and computer games are all the rage’


      very popular, in fashion, in style, in vogue, the fashion, all the fashion, the craze, the latest craze, the thing, the latest thing, the vogue, all the vogue, in demand, in great demand, much sought-after, ultra-fashionable

      le dernier cri


      in, the in thing, cool, big, trendy, hot, hip

      British informal, dated

      all the go