Synonyms of questionable in English:


See definition of questionable


1‘it is questionable whether such an attack could be effective’


controversial, contentious, open to question, open to doubt, in doubt, doubtful, dubious, uncertain, unsure, debatable, in dispute, in question, arguable, problematic, problematical

unverified, unprovable, unresolved, unsettled, undecided, equivocal, unconvincing, implausible, improbable, not definite, unclear, not obvious, apocryphal, spurious, borderline, marginal, moot

informal iffy

British informal dodgy


certain, indisputable

2‘some of his questionable financial dealings have been investigated’


suspicious, suspect, under suspicion, irregular, dubious, doubtful, odd, queer, strange, not quite right, mysterious, murky, dark, shifty, unsavoury, disreputable, potentially dishonest, potentially illegal

informal funny, fishy, shady, iffy

British informal dodgy