Synonyms of put an end to something in English:

put an end to something

See definition of put an end to something


1‘early marriage and early widowhood put an end to her dreams’


destroy, kill, bring to an end, be the end of, end, extinguish, dash, quell, quash, ruin, wreck, shatter, smash, crush, scotch

stop, block, frustrate, thwart, put a stop to, prevent, defeat, derail

informal put paid to, do for, put the lid on, put the kibosh on, stymie, queer

British informal scupper, dish

2‘it took over a hundred years to put an end to child labour’


abolish, do away with, get rid of, scrap, end, stop, terminate, eradicate, eliminate, exterminate, destroy, annihilate, stamp out, obliterate, wipe out, extinguish, quash, expunge, extirpate

annul, cancel, invalidate, nullify, void, dissolve, erase, delete

rescind, repeal, revoke, overturn

discontinue, remove, withdraw, retract, countermand, excise, drop, jettison, vitiate, abrogate

informal axe, ditch, junk, scrub, dump, chop, give something the chop, knock something on the head

rare deracinate


retain, create