Synonyms of province in English:


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1‘Egypt was still a province of the Ottoman Empire’


territory, region, state, department, canton, area, district, sector, zone, division, administrative area, administrative district, administrative division, administrative unit

colony, settlement, dominion, fief, protectorate, mandate, dependency, possession, holding, satellite state

2the provinces‘wages were higher in London than in the provinces’


non-metropolitan areas, non-metropolitan counties, the rest of the country, middle America, middle England, rural areas, rural districts, the countryside, the backwoods, the wilds, the wilderness, the back of beyond

informal the sticks, the middle of nowhere

North American informal the boondocks

3‘that's outside my province, I'm afraid’


area of responsibility, area of activity, area of interest, area of knowledge, area, department, responsibility, sphere, world, realm, field, discipline, domain, territory, orbit, preserve, business, affair, line of business, line, speciality, forte, line of country, charge, concern, worry, duty, jurisdiction, authority

informal pigeon, bailiwick, turf